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Must-Have Features in Your Field Service Management (FSM) Software

By: Sam Darwish

Running a business in the field service industry is challenging. Especially since you have workers, equipment, and customers in need 24/7. Regardless of your business model's complexity, you have to meet customer requests efficiently to maximize profitability. Let's face it; manual methods are tedious and ineffective in allocating tasks and tracking mobile workforces.

Therefore, modern organizations employ field management software. This software allows workers to access essential resources, receive schedules and updates on time, and communicate smoothly. Field service software has benefits for business owners and managers as well. Managers can easily track fleet vehicles and inventory all in one easy-to-use interface. If you're looking to take your service business to the next level, make sure you prioritize these features:

Scheduling and Dispatch

Running an organization with multiple employees requires multitasking. Managers in the field service industry have to stay on top of schedules to ensure that employees handle service requests quickly. Having software that supports scheduling and dispatch takes a considerable load off your shoulders.

Some FSM software, like ServiceDemand, can track the labor proficiency of employees and their location to help determine which technician should handle which job. 

Parts Inventory Management

Different jobs require different parts. Some more than others. Your employees need to keep track of inventory. The last thing you need is for a technician to realize they are out of parts when they arrive at a job.

Your field service management solution should offer real-time inventory tracking to show the quantities of all parts at all times. If an item is unavailable, managers and employees can access suppliers' catalogs, place orders, and track delivery on the system. Some software tools issue notifications when inventory for a given part reaches a prescribed level to prevent running out of stock.

Contractor Management

When working with contractors and third-party vendors, a work order management feature eliminates confusion and streamlines processes. Additionally, workers can document their progress on a given project through voice, video, pictures, and notes, keeping all parties accountable. 

After completing a job, technicians can update their work orders, and managers can view project statuses at a glance. Your field service management software should also send electronic invoices and support mobile, contactless payment.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Fleet vehicle tracking is an essential feature of any FSM software. Integrating your business with software like ServiceDemand allows you to acquire detailed reports about driver behaviors like speeding. Live GPS tracking will assist in route optimization to save fuel. The vehicle tracking feature also keeps you up to date on any maintenance requirements and will allow you to locate vehicles in the case of theft.

Real-Time Communication

There should be effective communication channels to allow office-based employees to connect seamlessly with field workers. As previously mentioned, field workers should also have seamless access to spare part inventory, back-end systems, trade tools, and knowledge resources.

These items play a central role in facilitating prompt job completion and better customer service. For instance, instructional resources can guide technicians in diagnosing and resolving problems, especially when dealing with sophisticated equipment.

A mobile-first interface can enable real-time communication via mobile devices. Your field employees can access their work schedules and dispatches right on their phones. They can also mark work orders, fill log hours, and process payments without reporting back to the office.

Mobile Asset Management

Field service companies have a variety of mobile assets. These can be expensive tools and equipment, reusable and returnable transportation containers, personnel operating in high-risk sites, etc. If you don't know who has what, you might keep repairing and replacing neglected, misused, misplaced, and stolen things.

Mobile asset management is an essential field management aspect that increases the visibility of all your assets throughout the supply chain. With barcoding, you can access equipment service records instantly. The aim is to ensure all your critical tools are available and functional when needed.

A system with radio-frequency identification (RFID) monitoring can bolster your mobile asset management if you deal with high-value assets. RFID can give you insights into when to service an apparatus by reporting its health while in use. Coupled with GPS, you can tell the status and location of an asset remotely.

Video & Voice Collaboration

Whether you work in the field or manage field service operations from the office, collaborating with your team is sometimes challenging. Hiccups include ineffective real-time communication, hindering smooth interaction between field workers and office employees. It often causes information gaps about clients and projects, hurting productivity and customer service.

Fortunately, field management software can enhance collaboration through voice and video by leveraging your smartphone features. When field technicians run into problems, they can share them with experts through video calls instead of describing them over the phone.

Real-time video calls improve troubleshooting, enabling quicker problem-solving. It makes life easier for everyone – managers understand the difficulties in the field better, and field service agents don't feel neglected.

Send Text Message Notifications

Another must-have for field service management software is a built-in messaging system as virtually everyone uses mobile phones. When a noteworthy event occurs, you can update everyone in your team with a text message notification. 

Push notifications take text messaging a notch higher. Your messaging software can quickly notify technicians about new assignments and schedule adjustments or remind employees to update their work orders, etc.

Some messaging systems maintain communication within your corporate system for accountability reasons. Managers can tag a technician in a specific work order and know when they see the alert. Furthermore, field workers can send a question to the entire team to get quick answers and diverse opinions.

Reporting and Analytics

Businesses collect so much data when interacting with customers, vendors, and partners. You can exploit your enterprise data to gain insightful information for informed business decisions. Strive to find a field service management software with built-in reporting and analytics capabilities.

Reporting and analytics help you analyze data to identify trends and patterns that you can use to enhance efficiency and performance. For instance, you can see your job scheduling effectiveness, every technician's output, and how these factors relate to ROI and customer satisfaction.

Integrating analytics with your inventory software can help in demand forecasting. You will know the most fast-moving parts so you can plan timely replenishments.

Customer Management

Regardless of the industry, your organization should strive to satisfy its clients. Even if you invest in the latest equipment and the most qualified talent, you won't succeed if your customers aren't happy. For this reason, you need to manage your customer base efficiently.

Your field service management software should include a database for storing customer data. It should organize clients' contact information, how you have served them, and save remarks for each project. For instance, did you face any challenges completing the job, and was the customer happy?

Reviewing your job histories can provide insights into your customer service levels. You can identify your inefficiencies and find solutions to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction.

It's also in your best interest to find a field management tool with a client portal. Clients can book or adjust appointments, provide their contact information, and participate in surveys. When you offer your clients a portal to access the information they need, they know they're being cared for.

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