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How the Right Software Can Help You Earn Repeat Customers

By: Sam Darwish

How the Right Software Can Help You Earn Repeat Customers

Did you know it costs up to five times more to reach out to new customers than retain your existing customer base? Customers who have made purchases from your brand are more familiar with it and are thus easier to market to. 

With this in mind, you'll want to make sure that your business runs smoothly for clients to have a perfect experience the first time around. If they get poor service, their first impression of your business will push them away to your competitors. 

Implementing the right management software for your business will streamline both internal and external processes to create the best service experience for your customers without having to overwork your employees.

Here are some of the things software can do for your business.

1. E-Commerce Automation

When a client requests a price quote, you've succeeded in getting them through the various stages of the sales funnel. You now enter the quote to cash process(QTC), which clients expect to be fast. They usually opt for vendors who reply fast with accurate quotes.

Outdated versions of the process usually require sales representatives to scour product databases to get a proper quote. Other businesses have complex pricing structures, which include discounts, add-ons, and bundles that only increase the risk of misquoting or slow responses.

Automating this process will allow the system to provide quick, accurate quotes in real-time, thus reducing order errors and improving future data analysis. The system will also handle all other independent actions from that point onwards to expedite the sales process.

For instance, it will craft error-free, dynamic proposals and agreements for the client to review. If they give the green light, the system then kickstarts the financial end of the process. 

When the sales rep follows up by cross-selling other products, the system will also generate updated invoices, giving the client a view of the business as highly efficient. The chances of them opting for your services in the future automatically shoot up because of this.

2. Fleet Tracking 

It's easy to get overwhelmed when managing a fleet of vehicles for your business, especially a service-related business which heavily relies on mobility. That sector needs maintenance scheduling, tracking, managing drivers, and gauging operational costs, just to name a few. 

With the fleet management tool that comes with field management software(FMS), you can pin which fleet vehicle to assign to the day's jobs based on the client's location and their set deadline. 

It assures that all clients receive consistent, fast service. And we all know that the faster you can deliver a product or a service, the more likely it is for a client to put you on a pedestal.

The tool also allows you to set when regularly scheduled services for the vehicles to avoid random breakdowns as your employees deliver services or products.

3. Contactless Payment 

Due to the pandemic, sanitation has become a prime concern for clients and employees alike. Adopting field management software that allows customers to pay without surrendering their sensitive information or making contact with your employees will go a long way in gaining their trust. 

You'll become their go-to whenever they need a service in your industry, and this relationship will have high chances of lasting post-covid.

Employees will also feel safer and more comfortable as their job requires them to interact with many people per day, leading them to perform their duties more effectively. 

The software will record transactions in real-time and integrate them with the inventory management tool. This will make it easier to track assets and generate reports, thus keeping the business streamlined.

4. Real-Time Communication

Clients like being kept in the loop during every stage of the process. This can be a hassle, especially if you have a large volume of customers, each with unique needs. Adopting management software like ServiceDemand can help you automate messages in terms of emails or texts.

For example, customers can forget about appointments since they also have fast-paced lives. You can configure the system to send reminders a day before the appointment and as your field workers are on their way there. 

It'll make customers feel like they are a priority since you keep them updated even if you'd agreed on an appointment already.

You can also assign jobs via text for field workers or even get them to check in with you as they progress with their tasks. It's easier than having to log onto the app. 

Alternatively, you could set automatic push notifications to ensure that no worker gets so carried away with their task that they are late for other appointments.

5. Contractor Management

FMS like ServiceDemand can allow you to look for highly ranked contractors at rates of your choice and keep track of their progress in real-time. On your dashboard, you'll get to see how many tasks they've completed and those that are in progress.

The navigation page will allow you to create teams and assign specific customer projects to each group. The team structure you choose will dictate who can create and manage project details to prevent unnecessary or redundant information from being keyed in.

Such efficiency will shine through on the customer's end since you'll provide them with the best people for the task who'll work on it solely without mixing it up with other projects. 

6. Asset Management

The one thing that can be an instant deal-breaker for a client is downtime. Downtime results in delays in service or product delivery which isn't so great in this age where clients want instant services. 

Making use of asset management software will let you keep track of all your assets before something causes a bottleneck. You'll know the exact location of each asset and how it's being put to use. This will help you pin when they need repairs and routine maintenance.

Your financial statements will also stay updated by the system as it regularly checks assets, and you'll no longer have ghost inventory. This means that you won't provide false information to your clients, thus encouraging them to work with your business again.

7. Parts Management

It is essential to keep track of your existing parts so that your team always has the right tools for the job. You need to monitor everything from parts you manufacture to spare parts and parts you service.

ServiceDemand has a parts management system that can let you store pictures, service manuals, and the parts' model numbers. You can include links to vendors who you source parts from and alternative to the parts. 

Alternates will help workers find appropriate replacements for faulty parts without wasting the client's time. They'll have everything they need to get new ones in one collective place, allowing them to order whatever they require to get a certain task out of the way hassle-free.

A system like this boosts productivity, thus encouraging clients to rely on your services more than the competitors. 

9. Optimized Schedules and Checklists

You can upgrade how fast clients are served by simply integrating service software with a schedule tab that indicates all pending work events. The software is perfect for letting employees be more time-conscious without you having to follow up every time.

The software can also provide checklists for any products that are being shipped or flown out. It makes clearance go along much smoother, and your clients will receive exactly what they order.


To always stay ahead of the competition, you have to offer quick and quality service to clients. This will become increasingly harder as your client base grows. 

Getting service software like ServiceDemand to do most of the heavy-lifting will allow you to expand your business without compromising on quality.

Our system will ensure that data flows without a hitch and that everyone has a high-efficiency rate. Your clients will look nowhere else. Get in touch today to get a free demo!

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