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Why Your Business Needs Field Management Software

By: Sam Darwish

What do you want when your service professionals—full-time, part-time, preferred contractor, general contractor—go into the field to serve a customer? Here at ServiceDemand, we have devoted a lot of hours to build a top-of-the-line field management software that addresses your answers to that question. We think that your answers might be something like this:

These are some cardinal goals and functional targets that have driven our creation of a state-of-the-art field management platform. This cloud-based system enables business owners or managers to plan, schedule, and execute the delivery of services to clients. The goal is the delivery of services that are uniform, repeatable, and professional while driving cost benefits through better labor management.

It can be useful to view ServiceDemand as a platform technology, which has been called the fourth computer revolution. Platform technology is not conceived in terms of performing specific functions, however many, complex, and useful they may be. Platform technology mediates an end-to-end process that empowers and improves the experiences of customers, employees, contractors, and managers. Data intake, machine learning, and an analytical engine are just a few core tools that are integrated to achieve the goals of management empowerment, productivity, and satisfaction of all users. Platform technology is an entirely new operating model for business that catalyzes a changing mindset, organization, and operating methodology. 

Features of ServiceDemand Field Management Software 

Our field management software enables service organizations of every kind and size to integrate these core interconnected tasks in real-time:

Customer Management

From the first contact to sales follow-up, ServiceDemand supports the management of your relationship with every customer through invoicing, a follow-up to monitor satisfaction, and a repeat customer relationship. 

Whether you’re in HVAC, plumbing, or other service business, you are on top of every job as it develops and moves through to completion. You can complete and send job estimates in minutes with products and services already line items on the form. And then, the job estimate becomes the initial outline of the job itself. 

And how about managing your workforce, scheduling service visits, and assigning jobs with estimated compensation, if appropriate? For your customer seeking an estimate to compare several options, or to compare repair with replacement, you can usually generate an estimate with a few clicks, including options within these estimates. Our field management software also allows you to recreate or store options, apply options to one or more jobs, and help to create custom proposals, even multi-document proposals.

Schedule & Dispatch

Customer management is supported by schedule and dispatch on ServiceDemand to make the most efficient use of every service professional's day and manage your across-the-company logistics. The customer gets the service when promised and workers’ travel time is reduced for the greatest productivity. You can view the schedule of your full-time and part-time workers as well as that of preferred and general contractors over all relevant periods.

Real-Time Communication

The support that you want your workers on the job to enjoy—so that problems are solved on the spot—is facilitated by real-time communication among employees across the organization. Our field management software comes with all necessary apps to link your system with every mobile device out in the field all day long. The expertise of all your employees is potentially available to empower every individual employee so your organization can deliver the best service uniformly, repeatably, and reliably. Our field service management software enables service professionals to receive and manage jobs on their smartphones or tablets wherever they are. This reduces paperwork and also minimizes the need for field works to visit the home office.

Job Planning

Job planning features that call upon ServiceDemand’s analytical capabilities are available to set up major jobs for success by defining required time, steps and stages, personnel, and other assets. Problems are anticipated and the entire team is informed. Then, you stay on top of the job—and every job—in real-time. When it comes to single or consolidated multiple jobs that need to be converted to invoices and translated into check, cash, or credit card payment, a single click handles it with your built-in payment gateway.

Parts Management

Just as you want the required plans and personnel on the job when scheduled, you want no delays caused by missing parts or waiting for parts delivery—needs that workforce management software helps you to anticipate with order control, delivery control, and inventory control. Like every feature of ServiceDemand, parts management brings it all together to reduce waste and boost productivity. Costs and pricing are recorded as part of the across-the-board monitoring of your operation that ServiceDemand enables.

Contractor Management

The contractors you use, including suppliers, have what they need through ServiceDemand to fit seamlessly in your company's project design plans, scheduling, project timetables, quality control procedures, reporting, and billing—to name just a few. Contractors are used with optimal efficiency where they are needed and when they are needed. You track their time on the job, billing, and performance record.

A platform for the life of every company

The power and potential for increased profitability of these features are available to your company whatever your industry and your field service management challenges. ServiceDemand is ready out-of-box to begin to bring your entire field operation under enhanced control. Because ServiceDemand is completely scalable, it works with any size company from a small local service outfit seeking maximum productivity to a nationwide multi-site operation with hundreds of employees, contractors, and customers that is ready for the next gains in efficiency, cost control and profits, customer satisfaction, and staff motivation and performance. There is no such thing as a service company too small to benefit from ServiceDemand—but as you grow, the platform readily scales up with you.

Because ServiceDemand is hosted by the Heroku cloud platform as a service (PaaS) with scalability supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), your company needs no special servers or other hardware. If you have internet access, ServiceDemand is ready to get online right now.

For example, you don't have to integrate our software with CRMs, ERPs, or ticketing platforms because ServiceDemand is a web-hosted SaaS platform. You do have the option of integrating with other systems, but ServiceDemand is fully functional on its own.

Why? Consider a few additional capabilities of ServiceDemand:

See Our Field Management Software in Action

Some of the world's most successful companies use ServiceDemand to manage their thriving, active field services. Our staff would be pleased to demonstrate our field service management software's features, ease of use, and exciting potential at any time. Just get in touch with us to schedule your free personal demonstration of the proven capabilities of ServiceDemand. We guarantee you an eye-opening experience in the innovative application of our platform to meet the challenging demands of a service company like yours. The first step is to reach out. So let our team give you a detailed tutorial of ServiceDemand's features and capabilities.

Be sure to check back here on the ServicesDemand blog regularly for information, insights, and updates on the challenges of field management. We’ll also keep you posted on new features of our software to keep supporting our customers and future customers.

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