Case Studies

DAVACO Case Study

By: Sam Darwish


DAVACO is the North American leader in the management and execution of high-volume remodels, resets, rollouts, surveys, technology deployments, with supporting supply-chain management and logistics for global brands. DAVACO previously utilized spreadsheets and other antiquated programs to organize their project management but lacked the real time information their clients desired.


Implementing ServiceDemand for DAVACO had the following goals:


DAVACO was able to deploy ServiceDemand to all of its Project Managers, Field Management, and Field staff. Once integrated into its accounting and travel systems, work was assigned quickly and efficiently. Many of DAVACO’s Clients who manufacture OEM products are leveraging it to understand the failure rates of those products.


DAVACO started offering Break/Fix services, extending services to existing Clients and adding new services for additional revenue. By being able to schedule more work for their teams locally through the implementation of ServiceDemand, DAVACO reduced their employee travel costs by 18%.


"Having implemented the technology successfully, we are now extending its value to DAVACO's clients," adds Paul Hamer, Executive Vice President Business Development of DAVACO. "Many of DAVACO's Clients manage complex programs utilizing multiple vendors and would see great benefit from on-demand technology, consolidating vendors and efficiently scheduling their field workforce. Its asset management capabilities would also provide further insight into identifying the root cause of any break/fix issues.”

"In addition to its automated work force management, our solution provides business intelligence features that provide insight into asset utilization," adds Keith Winters, CEO of DAVACO. "This cutting-edge technology allows us to record an asset, why it required repair and how the issue was resolved, in real time. In this way, we can provide a clear picture of any reoccurring issues that our clients may be facing at their businesses,” he adds.

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