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6 Key Benefits of Field Service Management Software

By: Sam Darwish

Let's face it. 

Only a few companies can remain competitive in today's field service environment without proper management of costs, resources, and time.

Despite this fact, a whopping 52% of service-centric companies still coordinate tasks and manage functions manually. 

Up until this moment, your business might have survived with manual paperwork, processes, and calling every other on-site employee when you need a task done ASAP. However, today's picky and tech-savvy customers want more—they expect their jobs done quicker and with minimal hassle.

A field service management software (aka workforce management tool) can help automate your business for superior customer service, greater operation efficiency, and of course, more profitability.

But First… What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management (FSM) software is, by definition, a tool that makes it easy for service-centric enterprises to supercharge their productivity and achieve their project goals.

It does this by delivering exceptional on-site service through personnel management, request tracking, and enabling total visibility of the service delivery cycle.

Typical features of a workforce management tool include:

Are you still lost in the maze of FSM? Picture this… 

Every morning your technicians report to work and collect the day's schedule. They check the inventory for the tools and parts needed, receive them, and fill the necessary paperwork before getting on the road. This, of course, translates to hours of manual coordination.

What about the data they need when they are on-site? Are they still carrying around bulky files for each customer they serve? Your technicians are also liable for most of the tools being used—and you want to keep track of them as well. You want total oversight on what job is being handled, how long it takes, where it is happening, and the materials being utilized. 

Juggling all this through countless spreadsheets, ticking off the inventory, and updating time logs can be incredibly painstaking. 

Luckily, field service management software comes in to streamline things—from invoicing and inventory control to routing and scheduling—all on one, multifaceted platform.

By adopting this software, SMBs (HVAC, roofers, locksmiths, electricians, appliance repair, etc.) can reap multiple benefits. Below are six of the most important benefits of a workforce management tool.

Outstanding Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

1. Faster Completion of Tasks

As a stakeholder in the field service industry, you know that every minute counts. For instance, the less time your technicians spend looking for optimal routes, the more invoiceable hours they'll have on hand to complete more jobs. 

Just how long does it take your business to schedule operations or map out preferred routes? A lot of time, right? Field management software like ServiceDemand modernizes your administrative tasks so your team can complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. 

The best part? When all of your business data is connected and housed in one location, the time it takes to fulfill jobs involving that data is lowered significantly. This translates to improved efficiency, as customers will have their needs sorted out promptly. 

2. Reduces Operating Costs

From reducing hardcopy paperwork to managing work orders and optimizing routes, FSM software like ServiceDemand can help you save money across the board. 

Think about all the cash your on-field workers spend on paper and printing along with scanning, storage, and filing—all things related to document organization. Simply shifting to a fully automated system for your field service operations can help save you a good chunk of change. 

On top of that, a workforce management tool helps cut down on travel expenses. With well-defined routes and fewer return trips to the head office as a result of smart scheduling, you'll save on fuel and servicing for your fleet.

Outreach and sales expenses will also be trimmed since technicians will find it easier to communicate with clients, typically while still on-site, regarding things such as satisfaction, billing, and appointments. 

3. Remote Operation of the System

Like any other management solution, FSM software can be operated remotely. This means employees, contractors, partners, and admins can operate it anywhere and in real-time. 

Gone are the days when field days were characterized by repeat trips to the HQ, canceled appointments, and unsatisfied customers. With an FSM solution, your technicians will have easy and timely access to vital data regarding customers and tasks wherever they are. Plus, they can operate the software from any mobile device. 

ServiceDemand takes things a notch higher in this regard; all stakeholders in the service cycle will have their work cut out for them. They will be able to operate the system quite easily, using the browser as if they were in the office. They'll no longer need to access it through a private network or a VPN. They'll only need their browser—on whichever device—and an internet connection. Talk about convenience!

4. Brings Teams, Customer, and the Project Together

In any field service business, employees and customers are both parts of a common project. Though both exist independently, they contribute to the same organization goal—that of growing the bottom-line. In our case, the FSM software is the glue that holds them together.

It isn't easy to succeed in any service project without meeting customer expectations fully. In the same vein, it is difficult for teams to meet customer expectations without the right tools. 

Thankfully, a field management software like ServiceDemand brings every aspect of the project under one location. This allows teams to harness only the information they need to fulfill service appointments on the get-go. Fast turnaround times, in turn, ensures that customers are satisfied at every stage of the project. As you well know, happy clients translate to a happy team and a successful project in the long haul.

5. Allows a Deeper Understanding of the Business

Up to this moment, you might still be in the dark on what is happening in every phase of your service delivery. 

How many tasks were scheduled for the day? How many were fulfilled? Are there open times? Are there any return appointments? How much time was spent on moving from one location to the other? 

Understanding loopholes allows you to respond quickly, solve the weaknesses, and improve the service process.

Decisions like these can only be made right and on a timely basis if you have a holistic view of the business, and that is exactly what an FSM software enables you to do.

6. Makes the Most of GPS Tracking

Many FSM tools can track your technicians' routes through cutting-edge GPS signals. This is particularly beneficial if you have a technician who is en route to a customer, is not where they ought to be, or simply lost. This technology can alert the HQ when a technician has arrived at or left a job site.

Moreover, if you have an emergency request and need a technician to re-route, your workforce management system can display the locations of all your technicians, so it's easy to choose the most convenient technician for the new request.

Rethinking Field Service Management

The FSM market is growing at a dizzying rate. It is currently worth around $3.5 billion and is expected to hit the $5.9 billion mark by 2024. 

It's pretty clear why there's a sudden and widespread interest in Field Service Management solutions. After all, technology is advancing, and field service businesses are scrambling to gain a foothold on this incredible software. Which entrepreneur doesn't love the idea of optimizing the available resources while ensuring customer satisfaction and generating profits? None.

The truth is, modern field service apps eliminate the bottlenecks that often derail businesses. They unleash new communications and management capabilities that business owners have long yearned for. Now more than ever, technology breaks down data and operational barriers between teams, all while improving customer service and general efficiency. So, it makes perfect sense why the field service management sector is growing at breakneck speed.

Perhaps it's time to automate your field service business? We all know that there are so many software solutions to help with service automation—whether partial or full. 

A brilliant example is ServiceDemand, which helps manage your technicians, partners, and contractors seamlessly. From a computer or the palm of your hand, you can gain complete oversight over your entire service cycle. Not only does ServiceDemand help you streamline end-to-end work order management but it also provides options for one-touch routing and scheduling, all in an easy to use dashboard. 

The Key Takeaway

It's becoming increasingly important for SMBs to adopt workforce management software. With every sector pivoting towards automation, your business cannot afford to rest on its laurels.

Data-driven and efficient service delivery through an FSM solution can prove the difference between you and your competitors.

The field service management software is no longer an optional add-on but a must-have tool for you to thrive in the fiercely competitive market. 

Want to learn how your business can reap these benefits? Contact us today, and let us be part of your success story!

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